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Why We're Fighting

We love our home, that’s why we all rebuilt after the storms. But now, oil and gas companies are putting our community at risk with a plan to build nearly a dozen toxic gas export terminals here in Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes. Each one would decimate our coast and our fishing grounds to take American energy, liquify it, and export it around the world—even to America’s global competitors.

The result? Higher energy costs, dangerous pollution, out of work fishers and shrimpers, and coastal devastation that will make SWLA families more vulnerable to floods and hurricanes and turn our beloved home into an industrial wasteland.

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We shot this video with Ret. Lt. General Russel Honoré to demonstrate the vital importance of defending Southwest Louisiana from the gas export terminal expansion that threatens our way of life.

We aired this ad in greater Lake Charles and across SWLA to spread the word about the dangers of gas export terminals and the existential threat they pose to SWLA fishermen, shrimpers, and their families.

We’ve taken our message into the corridors of power in Washington, airing this ad at the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and in the White House itself. We’re not afraid to tell Washington insiders SWLA has had enough!

About Us

We are a nonprofit organization, supported entirely by private donations from individuals, foundations and other like-minded organizations. We use grassroots action to hold the petrochemical industry and government accountable for the true costs of pollution. We are working to create an informed, healthy society that hastens the transition from fossil fuels.

Our Vision

Our vision for Southwest Louisiana is a healthy, prosperous, pollution-free and just region of the state where people and the environment are valued over profit.

We believe preserving and promoting the rich history and cultural heritage of SWLA is vital to the economic health of our area, and defending SWLA is crucial to maintaining our unique cultural identity. 

Defending SWLA

We know there are many challenges facing residents in this region, and we have been on the ground working with impacted groups, particularly workers in the fishing industry in Calcasieu and Cameron. Check out our “Fisherman of Cameron” Facebook page to learn more.

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