Why should we let oil and gas companies take Louisiana's gas and sell it to America's competitors?
John Allaire
If we don’t stop these terminals, Southwest Louisiana won’t be around for my children or for future generations.
Roishetta Ozane
If gas companies think they can put our climate and national security at risk, they have another thing coming.
General Russel Honoré
Bulldozing our coastline for more export terminals will make flooding here even worse.
James Hiatt

Gas Exports: Bad for SWLA.
 Bad for America.

Defend Southwest Louisiana. Stop Gas Export Terminals Now!

Why We're Fighting

We love our home, but oil and gas companies are putting our community at risk with a plan to build nearly a dozen new gas export terminals here in Calcasieu and Cameron Parishes. Each one would decimate our coast to take American energy, liquify it, and export it around the world—even to America’s global competitors.

The result? Higher energy costs and coastal devastation that will make SWLA families more vulnerable to floods and hurricanes.

Export Terminal Projects

Calcasieu Parish


Southwest regional map - SWLA website version

Defend Southwest Louisiana

Did you know the oil and gas industry ships gas in pipelines across Louisiana, liquifies it at ports in our communities, and then exports it internationally? None of the gas produced here in Louisiana is even for us.

It’s all for export overseas, where energy companies charge more for gas than they can here at home. Meanwhile, our energy bills continue to go up every month. The more the industry exports, the bigger the mess they leave behind. Now, they want to build even more gas export terminals in Southwest Louisiana.

We won’t be fooled. Their plans don’t mean lower energy bills or community benefits for us here in Southwest Louisiana. They mean higher energy costs, coastal devastation, decreased home values, and more severe floods and natural disasters for SWLA families. All so we can export gas to other countries.

Together, we can protect our homes, our businesses, and our communities from the gas industry’s greed.


We are former plant workers, builders, entrepreneurs, teachers, hospitality workers, musicians, professionals, and advocates, and we’re coming together to protect beautiful Southwest Louisiana—where we live, work, play, and raise our families.

SWLA is our home. Together, we can ensure it remains a prosperous, healthy, and safe community for generations to come.