Coming to Rehoboth

Tell President Biden and federal regulators to stop permitting gas terminals that ship US gas overseas, destroy the Gulf Coast, and raise energy prices for American families.

The Pristine East Coast

The East Coast is packed with beloved beach towns, from Cape Cod to Cape May to Rehoboth Beach. They’re known for their fresh seafood, ocean breezes, and clean waters. They’re popular tourist destinations, where families go to enjoy time away from it all.

Would DC Politicians Allow This Here?

A Tale of Two Coasts

On America’s Gulf Coast, Louisianans face a harsher reality. Beaches are bulldozed for gas drilling and refinement without regard to the communities or wildlife that depend on them. Coastal wetlands are dredged and filled with concrete. Our coasts, water, and air have become toxic—poisoning us and our families.

Summer in Rehoboth

That’s why we’re visiting Rehoboth this summer: to show you what’s happening to our home and to ask for your help. We’re committing our time and our lives to defending Southwest Louisiana.

And if it can happen on the Gulf Coast—then what will stop it from happening to Rehoboth Beach?